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Smile Design Dentistry Helps Us Create Dazzling Smiles

At Smile Rehab Centers, we combine high tech with a high touch because delivering anything less than perfection isn’t acceptable. Your smile is uniquely yours, therefore you should have an equal voice when it comes to restoring its natural beauty. Our prosthodontist Dr. Bay invested in 3Shape TRIOS® Smile Design in Southlake, TX because this unique treatment planning protocol offers a personalized experience that places your wishes front and center. This user-friendly virtual smile design tool provides you with a visualization of your expected smile outcome before treatment commences. In our experience, this innovative technology improves collaborative decision-making, patients’ ability to communicate changes prior to treatment and ultimately, results in increased treatment satisfaction. We love offering smile design dentistry because there’s no better way to show you the transformative power of a new smile than for you to “try it on” and tweak it until it’s perfect, prior to taking the next step on your journey!

Try Out Your Dream Smile Digitally

Your complimentary implant consultation includes diagnostic imaging and an instant smile preview. Thanks to an extensive smile library and innovative software, our prosthodontist Dr. Bay can show you potential future smiles, get your input, coach you about different choices and ultimately share a visualization of the results. The use of innovative technology doesn’t end there. Dr. Bay believes in investing in the latest technologies to empower her patients’ dental and systemic health. Our cone-beam computed tomography scanner creates a highly detailed 3D image of your teeth, jawbone and adjacent bony structures, while our Yomi® dental robot enhances Dr. Bay’s considerable dental implant skills to ensure the most precise full mouth dental implant placement. These and other advanced technologies at Smile Rehab Centers enable an efficient digital workflow from start to finish with exceptional results.

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Test Drive Your Beautiful New Smile!

TRIOS Smile Design in Southlake, TX provides a sneak smile preview of your likely treatment results to help ensure your new smile exceeds your expectations.

The Benefits of Smile Design Dentistry

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Expertise, Advanced Technology and Compassion

For our team, it’s a priority to help patients choose restorative solutions that improve their smile aesthetics, confidence and oral and general health. TRIOS Smile Design is just one example how Dr. Bay uses technology to optimize her skills, improve efficiency and deliver precision outcomes. Dental smile design in Southlake, TX helps our team create radiant smiles that meet or exceed our patients’ unique smile goals and expectations!

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