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Robotics Enhance Delivery of Precision Dental Implant Surgery

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Superbly Restored Smiles Require Advanced Technology and Skills

Dental implants are the number one tooth replacement option, enabling patients with missing teeth to enjoy fully functional and natural-looking smiles. 

The Yomi® dental robot takes the art and science of dental implants a step further by providing audio, visual and physical feedback to guide the surgeon in precision implant placement. While robotic surgery has been a mainstay of the medical community for more than 20 years, Yomi is the first and only FDA-cleared robot-assisted dental surgery system available in the United States. 

Developed by Neocis, the Yomi robot received FDA clearance for general dental implant procedures in 2016 and for full mouth dental implants in 2020. Since receiving FDA approval, Yomi has been used to place more than 10,000 dental implants. 

The Yomi implant robot complements our prosthodontist’s clinical expertise delivering transformative full mouth dental implants in Southlake, TX.

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Our Advanced Technology Benefits Your Smile

Dr. Bay believes in investing in the latest technologies to improve her patients’ oral health and enhance the treatment experience. 

The Yomi robot system provides detailed guidance in both the planning and placement of dental implants. The graphic display on the Yomi monitor provides Dr. Bay with essential visual confirmation and quantitative data regarding implant placement. Yomi combines robotic intelligence with Dr. Bay’s advanced implantology skills to ensure the most precise placement of full mouth dental implants in Southlake, TX. 

The Yomi robot is just one of many state-of-the-art technologies Dr. Bay uses to deliver top-quality dental implants to restore her patients’ smiles and lives.

Efficient, Minimally-Invasive and Accurate

Freehand dental implant placement has a high success rate in skilled hands and these techniques are still widely used by many competent dentists and specialists. But the use of robotics provides several advantages, especially in full arch cases. 

Without the limitations of cameras or physical guides, Yomi streamlines preoperative dental implant procedural planning, while navigational guidance provides an unprecedented level of instrument precision and control. Dr. Bay performs virtual surgery on the computer, which creates a plan that the robot follows during actual guided dental implant surgery. 

The robot uses a 3D scan of your mouth with exact angles and depths needed to drill into the bone to precisely place dental implants. Yomi robotic haptics guide Dr. Bay’s hand throughout the implant procedure, while also allowing dynamic adjustments based on her clinical expertise. 

By guiding the precise implant angle and location and securely maintaining this position, Yomi prevents unintended deviation and incorrect placement. 

Additional benefits include:

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