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If you are a dentist and have a patient in need of our specialized services, we invite you to complete the form below to give us their information. Our skilled, compassionate team will be happy to collaborate with you and treat your patient with the same high level of care. If you would like to speak with us directly, feel free to contact our prosthodontic office.

Before you contact us, however, it is understandable if you have questions about why you should partner with Smile Rehab Centers. Here are some of the benefits that you and/or your patients may enjoy:

The Smile Rehab treatment can be completed from start to finish. The implant procedure may be within one week of the initial consultation. (This timeline estimate can vary, of course, depending on a patient’s unique situation and the state of their oral health.)

 We use our advanced technology, including a state-of-the-art facial scanner, to give patients a realistic preview of what they can expect the results of their treatment to look like. This boosts case acceptance and gets patients excited about dental implants. If you would like to compare some of our past smile previews with patients’ final results, visit our smile gallery.

As a referring dentist, you can expect to spend just 1 hour (approximately) of chair time with the patient.

We are happy to train hygienists and assistants on the finer points of implant maintenance. This extra training can instill confidence in your patients and encourage them to be diligent about visiting you at least twice a year for their recommended checkups and cleanings.

Dr. Bay of Smile Rehab Centers is a true expert in dental implants. We have decades of combined experience, and have successfully completed thousands of cases! We utilize the latest technology and form a strong rapport with patients through the smile preview that we display during consultations. You can rest assured that your patients are receiving treatment from leaders in the dental implant field.

Naturally, one of the first things patients ask about dental implants is related to their cost. Our fair, all-inclusive pricing structure spares them from unpleasant financial surprises.

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