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"My Missing Teeth Affected My Desire To Smile, Dental Implants Restored My Teeth!"
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Transform Your Incomplete Smile with the Number One Tooth Replacement

If you have a missing tooth, especially in your smile zone, you may feel too self-conscious to smile. In addition to a hit to your smile beauty and self-confidence, tooth loss can cause remaining teeth to shift, thereby altering your bite, making it difficult to chew food and increasing the risk of gum disease, decay and further tooth loss. 

Moreover, without a natural tooth root to stimulate the underlying bone, deterioration leads to decreased bone density and volume. If you’re missing several teeth, this can cause undesirable facial changes as your nose and chin become closer and your lips turn downwards. Tooth loss can also impact your speech because your tongue touches your teeth in a specific way to produce certain sounds. 

Dental implants in Southlake, TX will improve your comfort, function and speech, while protecting the integrity of your bone structure and restoring your smile aesthetics. If you’re considering dental implants, schedule a complimentary implant consultation with our skilled and caring prosthodontist Dr. Bay to see if the number one tooth replacement solution is right for you.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants replicate the function of natural teeth by replacing the tooth root and the crown. The third part of a dental implant called an abutment is used to attach the implant post to the crown. Traditional forms of tooth replacement (e.g., bridges and dentures) only replace the crowns of teeth. 

Because dental implants rebuild teeth from the roots up, they offer unrivaled function, stability and aesthetics. With that said, dental implants require the precision of a skilled implant prosthodontist and advanced surgical technology to optimize outcomes and ensure long-term success. 

Dr. Bay has restored more than 4,500 dental implants, rebuilt more than 1,000 smiles and has a dental implants success rate of 99.8%. She utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality materials to deliver the best results. Blending high-tech clinical expertise with a high touch, dental implants in Southlake, TX will greatly improve your oral function, smile confidence and quality of life!

The Unsurpassed Versatility of Customized Dental Implants

As a state-of-the-art tooth replacement option, dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. Dental implants are the most versatile tooth replacement option because they can replace any number of missing teeth. They can support a single dental crown or a dental bridge to replace one or more missing teeth in a row. 

Dental implants can also be used to increase the stability of a modified denture called an overdenture, which snaps securely to implants placed in your jawbone. If you have many missing teeth or are edentulous (have no teeth), All-on-X full mouth dental implants provide a groundbreaking solution that enables Dr. Bay to place an entire arch of teeth in just one visit. This permanently fixed prosthetic provides fully functioning teeth with a minimum of four strategically placed dental implants per arch.

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Avoid Making Costly Mistakes!

Dental implants are a lifetime investment in your health, function, and quality of life. Avoid the common mistakes people make when considering implants by following our recommendations.
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Your dental implant treatment at Smile Rehab Centers is personalized to your specific oral health needs and smile goals.

Our Personalized Dental Implant Treatment Process

At your complimentary implant consultation in Southlake, TX, Dr. Bay will discuss your dental and medical history, ask you about your preferences and use diagnostic imaging to determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. Dr. Bay considers a number of factors, including the health of your gums, the location of your nerves and sinuses, jawbone density and your overall health. 

If you decide that dental implants are the best solution to meet your needs, Dr. Bay will let you know if preliminary procedures such as bone grafting or tooth extraction are required. After your choice of sedation has taken effect, she carefully drills small holes in your gums and places the implant posts in predetermined locations with the strongest bone density to provide maximum support. 

If you’re getting full mouth dental implants in Southlake, TX, Dr. Bay uses a Yomi® dental robot to streamline and increase the precision of fully guided implant surgery. Tilting the posterior (back) full mouth dental implants at a 45-degree angle often bypasses the need for bone grafting. 

She’ll also provide temporary teeth that you’ll wear while your implant sites heal. It takes three to six months for dental implants to fuse with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. Once that occurs, you’ll be fitted with your final beautiful natural-looking crown, bridge or full mouth prosthesis that restores your smile function and aesthetics.

Dental Implants Provide Unrivaled Functional and Aesthetic Advantages

After a tooth is extracted or falls out, the bone around your empty tooth socket starts shrinking and this continues until it’s completely reabsorbed. A dental implant is the only tooth replacement solution that prevents bone loss and stimulates new bone growth because the implant post assumes the role of the missing natural tooth root. 

Dental bridges present a major drawback because they require modification and capping of adjacent teeth with crowns, while bone loss continues unchecked under the false tooth. Dentures may seem like a cost-effective solution, but progressive bone deterioration can lead to gum irritation, an ill-fitting prosthesis and the need for periodic relining. 

After dental implants fuse with your jawbone, they provide permanent stability to restore over 99% of natural biting and chewing power.

The Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

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Enjoy the Best Long-Term Solution with Affordable Dental Implants

Several research studies have concluded that dental implant cost is reasonable compared to other tooth replacement options due to long-term benefits including restored oral health, bone loss prevention and a better quality of life. 

When placed by a highly skilled expert like Dr. Bay, dental implants are truly a worthwhile, lifelong investment. At Smile Rehab Centers we think everyone deserves to transform their smile with top quality, affordable dental implants in Southlake, TX. 

In addition to offering amazingly competitive prices, we partner with several third-party financing companies to make monthly payments more manageable.

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