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dentist implantologist showing dental bridge implant technology on human tooth jaw model
Have Multiple Missing Teeth? You Should Get Treated With Multiple Dental Implants
Multiple dental implants in Southlake, TX, are used to replace missing teeth in various parts of a patient’s mouth. Each dental implant post, in a...
Photo of implant and tooth model
Who Is A Candidate For Implant Supported Dentures?
Implant supported dentures in Southlake, TX, also known as overdentures, are a restorative tooth replacement option. Unlike traditional dentures that rest on the gums, implant...
3d image of a dental implant bridge and a prosthesis jaw with a blue backdrop
Am I A Candidate For Implant Supported Dentures?
Unlike traditional dentures, which rest on the gums, implant supported dentures in Southlake, TX, are anchored by dental implants. These tooth implants, typically made of...
ceramic prosthesis with artificial gums, upper and lower jaw on black glass
How Many Dental Implants Are Needed For A Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure?
Full mouth dental implants in Southlake, TX, are an effective and permanent solution to replace a full arch of missing teeth with. The dental implants...
Close-up 3d image of a dental implant.
Can Dental Implants Give Me A Permanent New Smile?
Traditional dentures can be used to restore missing teeth or damaged teeth. However, over time, they can become loose or ill-fitting. Dental implants in Southlake,...
Close-up 3d model of a dental implant
Are Dental Implants Able To Restore My Smile?
A dental implant in South Lake, TX, is a prosthetic dental device surgically placed into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. It consists of...
model of a bone grafting and dental implant procedure.
What Happens If I Don’t Have A Bone Grafting Procedure Before My Dental Implants Are Placed?
When people have had one or more missing teeth for a long period of time, then they may need a bone grafting procedure before they...
a digital model of a dental implant post and crown.
After Getting A Full Arch Of Teeth Extracted, Should I Get Treated With Full Mouth Dental Implants?
When people have a full arch of severely decayed or infected teeth, then they will want to go get those teeth extracted. After the damaged...
Can Ill-Fitting Dentures Cause Oral Cancer?
Every year, thousands of people lose their lives to oral cancer. Often, the disease’s development is attributed to tobacco use or other lifestyle factors. However,...

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