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Prosthodontists examining smile design software on computer screen

When you become a patient at Smile Rehab Centers, you’ll not only benefit from working with a certified prosthodontic specialist, but your care will also be performed using some of the most advanced, proven technology in dentistry today. Our state-of-the-art instruments allow us to deliver higher quality teeth in a fraction of the time compared to other prosthodontic offices, all while making the treatment process transparent and easy to understand so you have peace of mind from start to finish. Learn more about our Smile Rehab Centers technology for Southlake, TX prosthodontic patients below. 

Cone Beam CT Scanner

C T cone beam x-ray scanner

A traditional dental X-ray is excellent if we need to look at just a few teeth or a certain part of the jawbone, but for the kind of treatments we provide, we need much, much more information than what they can provide. With our CBCT scanner, we can essentially take a CAT scan of just your head, showing us all of your teeth, the volume of your jawbone, and even the position of sensitive nerves in the face. All of this data is used to plan and personalize your treatment. We can also show you the image to clearly explain how we are going to restore your smile.


CAD CAM digital impression and smile design system

CAD/CAM stands for “computer-assisted design/manufacturing,” and this technology has revolutionized how many industries do things, from architecture to engineering to dentistry and more. At Smile Rehab Centers, we use CAD/CAM technology to design and fabricate all of our teeth. This method allows for extreme precision and limitless customization. With CAD/CAM, no detail is minor, helping us deliver a prosthesis that both looks great and can be trusted to fit perfectly.

Facial Scanner

Animated facial scans on computer

We know that for many people, seeing is believing, which is why instead of just telling you about your new teeth at your initial consultation, we can actually show you what they’ll look like thanks to our facial scanner. We’ll use it to create a lifelike image of your face and simulate how your future teeth will affect your appearance. This way, you can start loving your new teeth even before they exist. Plus, we can use this image to make any adjustments you want to achieve your ideal look.

Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral scanner hand tool and images on computer screen

Digital scanning is the best way forward for dental impressions. Not only is it a faster, easier process with more accurate results compared with conventional impressions, it is also an investment in patient experience - drastically optimizing intraoral comfort during the impressions.

COVID UV Air Covers

U V air covers

We understand that many patients may think twice about coming to see us because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so we have doubled down on our already strict infection control and sanitation standards. To this end, we have recently installed UV air covers in our dental office that eliminate virtually all bacteria and viruses in the air. On top of this, your consultation will be 100% no-touch to add just another layer of safety.