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The Smile Rehab Centers Advantage – Southlake, TX

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Man and woman smiling together after Smile Rehab Centers treatment

Many people spend years (not to mention thousands of dollars) investing in dental work, only to be continually disappointed when their new teeth fail to perform properly. Others know that they need a tooth replacement solution such as dentures to regain a higher quality of life, but they want something more lifelike and permanent. If either of these scenarios sounds familiar, it’s time to consider Smile Rehab Centers. It isn’t your only option for teeth replacement – but it is the BEST option. Keep reading below to learn more about this transformative service, or contact us directly if you’re ready to schedule a consultation here to learn more about the Smile Rehab Centers advantage for Southlake, TX dental patients.

How Smile Rehab Centers Work

Prosthodontist pointing to model smile

When it comes to rebuilding a smile, you might imagine a process that takes months and lots of waiting to complete. Thankfully, the Smile Rehab Centers process lives up to its name. After a complimentary consultation with a free CBCT and facial scan, it takes just one appointment – yes, one – to go from surgery to a new set of teeth! The entire treatment process takes as little as eight weeks or less, with the opportunity ahead of time to confirm that you wholeheartedly love your future look. It really is that simple.

Learn How Smile Rehab Centers Work

How Smile Rehab Centers is Different

Two team members reviewing dental treatment plans

Smile Rehab Centers in Southlake takes the traditional denture and evolves it for the better in countless ways. Not only are your new teeth carefully designed by highly trained prosthodontists and CAD/CAM specialists instead of far-away lab technicians, but our commitment to detail, quality, and personalization leads to an extremely minimal risk of complications. Best of all, the overall treatment time is kept short and convenient. Our patients deserve nothing less.

Learn How Smile Rehab Centers is Different

Safe, Comfortable IV Sedation Dentistry Included

I V dental sedation drip

We want our patients to feel at ease and even excited throughout the Smile Rehab Centers process, which is why IV sedation is included. This type of sedation will help you reach a state of deep relaxation throughout the surgical process – most people remember very little about the experience afterward.

The Smile Rehab Centers Material

Closeup of restored teeth after Smile Rehab Centers restoration

We use Crystal® Ultra Hybrid for Smile Rehab Centers, which is a combination of Crystal® Ultra – an extremely strong, functional, and aesthetic nanoceramic – and Trilor®, a tough resin that provides both reliable rigidity and enough flexibility to absorb stress. The final product looks just like natural dentition but offers amazing durability! It’s the only ceramic that can safely flex within the mouth, and should any adjustments or repairs become necessary, it’s ideally suited for quick manipulation in the treatment chair.

Advanced Dental Technology

Collage of images of advanced dental technology

State-of-the-art technology plays a vital role in the Smile Rehab Centers process, helping our specialists stay focused on even the littlest details that make a big difference in the final product. For instance, our CBCT scanner generates panoramic, three-dimensional images of the patient’s teeth, jawbone, and even facial nerves to assist with surgery, while our intraoral scanner creates highly accurate 3D digital models of the mouth. We’ve even gone a step further with a revolutionary facial scanner, which allows our team to reconstruct the patient’s entire appearance – not just their teeth – so that designing the ideal smile is easier than ever.

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