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Free Consultation & Instant Smile Preview

How Smile Rehab Centers Work – Southlake, TX

How We’ll Create
Your Brand-New Smile

Woman showing off her smile after visiting the smile rehab centers

When people first hear about Smile Rehab Centers and learn that they can get a custom-made implant prosthesis in as little as 8 weeks, the most common question we receive is: “How does it work?” Our prosthodontic experts have honed our process to a fine point so we’re able to fully personalize a patient’s prosthesis and deliver a high-quality result in record time. It all starts with a FREE consultation. You can learn more about how Smile Rehab Centers works in Southlake, TX and how our prosthodontists restore your teeth on the page below.

Step One: Schedule a Free Consultation

Prosthodontist talking to patient during free consultation visit

We understand that the first step of any process is usually the hardest, so we strive to make this as easy as possible at Smile Rehab Centers. We offer 100% FREE consultations where we will lay out your treatment plan, financial options, and answer any questions you might have. You can schedule either by giving our team a call or take care of everything online. You’ll leave this appointment knowing everything you need so you can confidently decide on what to do next.

Step Two: Get a Free CBCT Scan & Instant Smile Preview

Prosthodontist creating smile preview

When you come in for your initial consultation, we’ll take a CBCT scan that will create a 3D image of your entire mouth. Unlike a traditional X-ray, which only includes a few teeth, this image will show all of your teeth, the thickness of your jawbone, and will help us determine how your teeth will actually fit. To give you a better idea of how you’ll look with your new teeth, we’ll also do a facial scan for an instant preview of your new smile.

Step Three: Meet Our Prosthodontists

Two prosthodontists developing a treatment plan together

At this point in the consultation, you get to meet your prosthodontist. Our prosthodontists are restorative dentistry experts who have completed three additional years of training on top of dental school that focused solely on replacing the teeth with lifelike restorations. They will go over your images with you and explain everything they are seeing. You’ll work with your prosthodontist throughout your entire treatment, which allows them to personalize their approach based on your unique needs.

Step Four: Receive a Customized Treatment Plan

Prosthodontist and patient reviewing customized treatment plan

Based on all the information our team has gathered and your input, your prosthodontist will formulate a 100% customized treatment plan when it comes to rebuilding your smile. They will go over each detail so you know exactly what to expect each step of the way, and before you go, you’ll have all the time you need to ask questions. This plan will be designed just for you in order to deliver the best result possible.

Step Five: Final Teeth in as little as 8 Weeks

Man looking at flawless smile after tooth replacement

Once you leave your comprehensive exam, the real work begins for our team. Using CAD/CAM technology, your prosthodontist will painstakingly design your new teeth so that it has the perfect look and fit. Next, you'll come in for your surgery and leave with your brand-new smile. You’ll be given a chance to confirm that you love your new teeth before the treatment is complete. It’s just that simple, thanks to our prosthodontists’ experience and advanced technology.