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Avoid These 6 Mistakes After Dental Implant Surgery

September 7, 2021

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Smoking, a mistake that should be avoided after dental implant surgery

Dental implant surgery is nothing to be afraid of. Most patients enjoy a smooth recovery and are feeling like themselves relatively soon after their procedure. Of course, whether or not your post-op period goes well depends on a number of factors, including your dental team’s skill. It also depends largely on you and your habits. Below, you will find a list of mistakes that could end up derailing your recovery.


The suction action of smoking cigarettes, e-cigs, or similar items could dislodge the blood clots at your surgical sites. The many harmful substances in tobacco products can slow down your body’s healing process and increase the risk of infection. You should avoid smoking for at least several weeks after your surgery. Your dental team may strongly encourage you to kick the habit altogether. If that is not possible, nicotine patches might present a somewhat safer alternative during your recovery period.

Eating the Wrong Foods

You should avoid hard and crunchy foods until your mouth is fairly well recovered, even if you receive prosthetic teeth on the same day as your implant surgery. Such foods could damage your tender gums and interfere with your body’s healing process. Things like chips, crusty breads, and tough meats will all be temporarily off-limits.

Instead, focus on eating softer foods. Mashed potatoes, yogurt, and even ice cream are all acceptable choices. When you feel up to chewing, you can consume fork-tender foods, such as meatloaf, scrambled eggs, and pasta. After you are completely healed, you will be able to enjoy virtually any food.

Intense Exercise

It would be best not to hit the gym for at least a few days after your surgery. Intense exercise could increase blood flow to your mouth and lead to excessive bleeding at your surgical sites. You should listen to your body and get plenty of rest during the initial stage of your recovery.

Drinking with a Straw

Just like smoking, drinking with a straw could prove detrimental to the blood clots at your surgical sites. You should wait at least a few days before you resume using a straw.

Overzealous Oral Hygiene

You should do your best to keep up with oral hygiene. However, keep in mind that being too enthusiastic about it might have unpleasant consequences for your oral health and dental implants. Rinsing too vigorously, using a hard toothbrush, or choosing a highly abrasive toothpaste are all unwise.

Not Asking Questions

If you have questions about anything during your recovery period, don’t hesitate to ask! Your dental team wants you to enjoy an easy healing process so you can begin to enjoy the full benefits of your restored smile as soon as possible.

Meet the Practice

Dr. Hanife Canan Bayraktaroglu is the lead prosthodontist at Smile Rehab Centers. She has completed advanced training in implant dentistry and prides herself on providing efficient treatment that yields attractive, functional results. If you would like to speak with her and our team about how you may be able to rebuild your lost teeth, contact our office at 737-250-0304 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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